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You can open your own investment account through Derayah Financial. Your information will be accepted and processed across the unified national access platform without having to visit a branch or providing any documents.

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By selecting “No”, I confirm that Saudi Arabia is my sole residency for tax purpose

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I declare that all the particulars and information provided herein, are true, correct, complete and up-to-date in all respects and I have not withheld any information and I acknowledge that financial institution name, client name, licensee name etc. Derayah Financial Company (Derayah) will rely on the information provided in this form until notice in writing satisfactory to Derayah of its revocation and by submission of an updated Self-Certification & Declaration Form is received by the Derayah, within 30 days where any change in circumstances occurs. I hereby undertake to inform Derayah of any change in information / circumstances provided, and to furnish to Derayah any changes/amendments taking place in future with reference to the documents submitted by me/us as and when such changes/amendments occur. I undertake to inform Derayah if I am away from my own country of residence for any period that may impact the United States Substantial Presence Test as herein defined, or the presence test related to any other countries I am tax residents in. I confirm and accept that should any withholding, tax, other impositions or other governmental dues related to me become payable to domestic or overseas regulators or tax authorities, all payments made to me shall be net of any such taxes etc.. Derayah assumes no liability in this regard. I waive Derayah of its duty of confidentiality and grant Derayah the liberty to make available, as and when required by law/authorities, to the Courts, regulatory/or other authorities of Saudi Arabia or my country of residence or the country in whose currency this account will be maintained or routed, or to any other regulator/tax authority or other authorities in domestic and other jurisdictions, any information relating to my account, without any prior consent from me. Any information / documents provided by you or your authorized representative in relation to this self-certification form shall only be disclosed to the relevant authorities for the purpose of compliance with FATCA and / or CRS requirements.
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We appreciate your business, and we would like to inform you that a message will be sent via the email registered with us as soon as the account is activated, including your account details and numbers. We hope that you take caution and maintain the confidentiality of your personal information for your investment account and not sharing it.